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Travelling to South Africa


I am just diagnosed 2 months ago and probably infected just a year ago.  I have some question with peoples in the forum.

I will be traveling to South Africa this month and probably need to stay for 5 months. Does South Africa allow positive person of other nationality to enter ? MY worried is if I get seriously ill while Im in the country and need some doctor assistance and my status will be reported to immigration. I understand that in some countries, positve peoples are banned from entering and will be expulse once they found out. Is it safe for me to travel abroad? My worried if I become gravely ill overseas and I am alone. My work required me to travel abroad for week to a month.  Since, I can't resign to my present job due to unavailability of work to my home country and  I dont have any other option but to go on with my job.  My employer knows that I am positive. I haven't visit a doctor for blood test.

Also, could you recomend a website which has information on which countries required HIV test before giving visa?

South Africa has no restrictions on entry of HIV-positive people.

- matt

I think you need to check with your doctor about your health.  Is there any reason that you feel that your health might deteriorate so quickly?  You could also check that you might need immunisation against infectious diseases. Though when I went, the concerns were about visiting certain areas.

I might be overstepping my boundaries in replying to you but since I have a little bit of knowledge of SA after living there for ten years, here it goes: anything beyond a tourist visa (worth 3 months for Europeans and which can be renewed for another 3 months) would require you to have a pulmonary examination. Nothing but TB is checked, so no Hiv test.

SA has a fairly good public health system and should be able to provide you with the minimum necessary support if you find yourself stranded over there. If you’re insured, the private medical field is one of the best in the world (I am French) and you should not worry about getting access to any medical treatment. If not, then access to meds is very stringent in SA, given the number of HIV positive patients.


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