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Awaiting the results of the 6 week test

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Well - I went for my 6 week test last Friday (blood).    Should have the results this Friday.

It's strange, I'm not a wreck about it.  Maybe it's because we've been through so much in the last two months that I'm just calmer now? I'm not sure.

It should prove interesting-  My gynecologist has always called me with my annual "negative" result.  If he tells me to come in, I suppose I know whats up?   :-\

Hey there

Keeping everything crossed for you - makes doing the laundry difficult but what the heck!  I know you will cope whatever the result as you have great strength, but you know what I am wishing for with all my heart.  Sending lots of hugs.

Love you L :) - thanks


Its good you had a "blood" test done!!!! You know we are thinking of you!


They say a blood test is the only way to go! ;)

Thanks - I'll keep ya posted.


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