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Mood changes

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You are right Andy, makes me realize I worry about hiv so much and forget that it could be something totally different that takes me out.

Andy Velez:
...and in the meantime until getting to that endplace, hopefully far in the future, I say look for ways to make your life bigger and to have a lot of fun. Every day.


Great thread!

Hope things are going well for you DC....I notice it's been a few days since Andy posted the last reply.

Didn't even think about yoga podcasts...will be doing an iTunes search immediately on it.

I've noticed the mood swings at work recently too....i've snapped back at people (not that they didn't deserve it  ;)   but it's really unlike me.  I've tried to take stock of life after the AMG, and apply all those good karma points toward a better state of mind.

Hopefully everyone is finding some sense of solace out there in virtualand.


I still have bad moods too.I have found a solution for this at work though. I bring a gun and set it on my desk so everyone can see it. They all leave me alone now  8). Just teasing.

Andy Velez:
John, obviously the AMG experience was something very special and you can't expect that's going to happen easily anywhere else. 

Connectiing with others,, I mean REALLY connecting is such a great experience. It gets you out of the isolation with thoughts and feelings which is all to easy to fall into. Seeking out ways in which you can express yourself with others is key to avoiding that isolation and can make a huge difference when those darker feelings come up. Getting to know others and allowing yourself to be known can make difficult times much more manageable. So it means with some determination on your part to see out those possibilities in your life.

Not easy work but worthwhile is how I see it.



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