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Blog Article: "HIV Meets Diabetes Meets HIV"


Hi guys,

My apologies first if this link to an article of the captioned title has been posted before. I searched Joe Wright, the author's name, but can't find any entry here. Wright compares HIV with type-II diabetes, which patients are also being stigmatized (bad life-style choices, etc). What's really "interesting" is this quote in the first paragraph: ' I heard a cardiologist talking about cardiovsacular efforts of HIV, who then put his talk in context by causally saying, "Even so, I'd choose to have HIV over having diabetes.".. '

Would like to know what you folks think, especially from LTS.

Thanks, Shaun

Matty the Damned:

Cheers for this link. It's certainly one of the most interesting I've seen posted here for a while. I may comment at a later time.



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