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OMG! I can't believe it!

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Well, I had my visit to the doc today. I am still somewhat amazed.

My overall cholesterol is basically sort of normal! EEP! The diet, exercise, fish oil and Zetia seem to be working!

I am pretty happy about this.

Overall cholesterol: 192  (normal range - 120-199)

LDL Cholesterol: 122      (normal range - 0-130)

HDL Cholesterol: 23        (normal range - 32-96)

Triglycerides: 237           (normal range - 30-200)

OK, so the numbers aren't exactly wonderful, but they are better than I have had in a long time, with the exception of when I was taking Vytorin, which dropped my overall cholesterol to about 140. It also hiked my CPKs up to 962, nearly cratered my liver and caused a lot of myopathy from which I am still recovering.

Tonight I will add a new drug, Niaspan. It is extended release niacin. I am supposed to take it just before bed. I am also supposed to take an aspirin or Ibuprofen a half-hour before I take the Niaspan. It is supposed to lessen the side effects, which my doc tells me probably will wear off with time.

I know a person here who takes it and says it seems to be working for him.

So, tonight I will get to try something new.

Wish me luck,


Oh, the other numbers are still OK. CD4's dropped by a little more than 300 to 1,170 (39 percent) and viral load remains undetectable. Guess my 10-year-old regimen is still working.


  Sounds Good Mark!

  Wishing you the VERY BEST LUCK! ;)


GREAT job on those numbers Mark!

It's nice to see hard work paying off in the end.

I'm taking fish oil capsules also and i'm getting a lipid profile with my next set of labs at the end of this month.  I've been pretty good at the exercise portion.  Diet....well let's just say I need to work on that a little more.  I don't think i'm eating enough actually, and need to tweak a few things here and there.

take care,

Hello Mark,

 Your numbers are not bad at all !! Looking good... especiallly when you consider the years of medication that you've been on.

The Best---Ray

Andy Velez:
Good for you, Mark! WAY TO GO!



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