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I just received news that I am HIV positive. I found out 5 days ago and have been voraciously reading posts on this site to help me through this. I keep seeing posts and signatures with people's viral load information and cd4 levels. I have not had any bloodwork done. My doctor called me and broke the news 9/12/07 and said he would refer me to HIV specialist in the area. Are there any questions I should ask? Has the referral process taken too long? I was tested 4 months ago and 8 months ago, both tests came back negative. Seeing all these numbers has me worried, and I'm not sure how to gauge the information. Right now I feel I need to look for a new job, I am in graduate school and working full time, my job is med to high stress. I can change majors and switch to a career with a moderate income (hopefully) and less stress. What should I do?

To be honest 1st labs seem important but rarely are and neither are 2nd, it's a long game and yo need 3 or 4+ sets of labs to say anything really useful, especially as in your case where you know you ain't been HIV-positive for years. So get some bloods done soon, but a few weeks delay ain't gonna hurt. More important is establishing a rapport with key doc, the one who will oversee your HIV care.  I would, personally, have a Margarita or sommat. << this may seem flippant, but it's important not to forget how to enjoy yourself, this is indeed a looooong game.

Anyhow, welcome

- matt

Thanks Matt,

I appreciate the words of wisdom. I don't feel the urgent desire to get my lab work done since reading your post. I will get them, ASAP, but now I won't fret or lose anymore sleep over it. And thank you for including the bit about the long run, i am looking forward to chatting with you again the future (or distant future : )). Take care man.

Hello Next2u,

You have found another family here on this site. The wisdom, and knowledge is a great resource.
The people here were so compassionate to me when I first joined, and they still are.
I am no longer a " newbie" and use whatever experience I have to help others. It is a good feeling to know that you are not alone.
By all means, if you have any questions, or wish to chat, I am here for you.
Be well, take care, and chat soon.

Hi next2u,

I agree ...its natural to worry about the numbers at first...and I still get anxious every time I go get my blood tested--but so far it has been more for my own peace of mind than anything else.   From what I understand the numbers are going to bounce around so much at first that you really shouldn't jump to any decisions until you have several tests and can really look for a trend. Keep an eye on them but don't worry about them too much if you can help it...every time I think my numbers are going south they seem to surprise me--knock on wood.

Good luck and welcome to the forums--the people on here are great....



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