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Life, live with hiv...


Hello there..
If newly infected.. And not have begin on medic yet..
Feel not so bad, only sleep very bad wake up so early never as before..

I even have begin taken pills to sleep, but on saturday,sunday when free wake up so early...

And i have had strange feelings in my feet, and fingers, like small electric charges, excause my poor english...
and i have a little like burning feets, not so bad ill feel about it, but i feel it..
And some small illnes in my troat... a a little more tired than before, but it can be inside the ehad how do that,never knows because so scared....
I have not yet did a viral load or cd-4 count..And not yet on medic..
How the medic helps? can i have some hope, i have a son how is 11. i so much want see him grow up...

Before i wanted to buy a small house perhaps in Thailand.. To stay some months when it is cold here...

It is to give up all dreams i have.. Or you think it is possible to survive, and have not so bad life???

And right new more good treatment comes nearly every year?
Perhaps one day nearly as a cure.. gen terapy maybe see´ms prommising?
Hope we all can see the light in the tunnel one day...........
And all this is something from the past..Maybe it never happens...

Hi, don't excuse for your english, there are many of us who are not native speakers, don't worry :)

It is always hard to say welcome to the forums, but well.. once you are here it is the first step towards educate yourself on how to better handle the diagnosis.

It is very important that you understand this... YES, you will see your son grow up and marry and all that. People living with Hiv live longer lives nowadays, there are several of our members who have been living with Hiv for over 20 years. You can expect the same, it will take some actions from your side to do it, but it is possible. You should not change your dreams... all the things you wanted to do in life can still be achieved.

It is very important for you to find a Dr and get your labs done, perhaps you can also tell us where you are placed, i have some Poz friends in Asia, perhaps there are more members of the forums near you.

Keep the mood up, things will be ok.


Juan Carlos

Hello Fortune,

don't give up your dreams, you can make them become reality. Your new condition may put some road blocks but never give up hope.

Newly diagnosed people often feel things in their body that they never paid attention to before. If you experience pain then check with your doctor. You will learn a lot on here, and we'll be here to answer any question you have. Let us know what is your first set of numbers when you get them, but be patient, it is often that people must get 3 or 4 tests before knowing how your body reacts to the infection.



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