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Lotus Ventures To The Great North!!!

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Ahoy my fellow pirates on this ship called life!
I just returned from a joy-filled voyage to Marquette, MI...a good friend of mine (and perhaps a bit more ;) ) invited me up for the holiday so I fgured..hell why not.   Little did I know that it takes SIX HOURS to get there with my driving abilities.  Oh well..the bridge was fun to drive over and need to take a random voyage to appreciate the world out there.

If you ever get the chance, go up to the's well worth the time...believe me!

Love to all...

Lotus :D

Hey Lotus,

It sounds terrific. A little driving won't hurt anyone.

Do you have any photos? I would love to see what the area looks like.



What a gal will do to get away from the world-famous Traverse City Cherry Festival..... ;D

(glad you had a chance to escape J)


Lotus, I agree, the UP is beautiful! We usually drive to Mackinac and stay there for a day or two, then venture up further. Did you get a chance to see any of the waterfalls? They are awesome!

Glad you had chance to get away for a few days!

so, do we call you Nanuck now?


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