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Hello there, so yes. I've come to join the ranks.

I found out a week ago and actually have been doing pretty well. I thought I'd go to pieces but I haven't yet. My first set of numbers were pretty good as well, I had a partner a long time ago who was pos so hey, at least I know how to read the numbers and things.

I'm coming across a lot calmer than I am I think! The only thing I'm really worried about now is the fact I just moved country to do a year at uni so I'm a bit stranded when it comes to finding a good doctor. But I'll start hunting right away I guess. The thing I was most afraid of was my bloke leaving. But he didn't, well, only for a few hours to get really drunk then stagger home, tell me it didn't matter and have me clean up after him. Almost a shame he stayed really... I'm generally quite flippant about things, just so you all don't think that I don't give a toss. I do. I just don't see the point in breaking down. Actually, I seem to be doing better mentally since I've been told about it. Ridiculous huh?

Um, yes, so that's me.

Hello  :)

I tested positive 5 days ago. I too had a similiar response. My aunt and cousin are HIV positive and I have been active in the gay community for sometime - basically I knew it was a possibility and that people do survive this. While I am scared shitless, there is still a calm facade to be found throughout the day. I am getting better and am working on developing a superb support group. Do you have a support group or network? So far all the blokes in here have been great, I am really happy to have found this place. What is it like for you, a week later, waking up? I am happy to hear the bf stayed too. Please post your numbers at sometime, I have not had my bloodwork done and don't really know what to expect. Keep your head up and try to stay in good spirits.


Hi glad to hear you both are doing fine after diagnosed, i have always though that despite the impact of the diagnosis... there are lot of reasons nowadays to keep the hope for a better future and i believe our quality of living will keep on improving with the years.

Bittersweet to say... but welcome to the forums. Count with us.


Juan Carlos


Thanks for the replies. I've been doing ok the last week, apart from some excessive drinking and going out. I don't really have a support group here because I just moved country. I suppose I should work on gathering people around me but I'm finding it really hard to tell anyone about this, I just want to carry on as normal really, it seems as though other people would be more worried than I am. I'm so pleased I found this place, still nervous about posting.

What's it like waking up? It's the first thing I think of. It feels like the morning of an exam every day. But I guess that'll go over time, I mean we can't spend the rest of our lives thinking about it every waking moment can we? Although quitting smoking is probably contributing to the sick/nervous feeling.

My numbers are currently cd4 480 vl 2000 which my doctor seemed to think was a bit weird so i'm going back for more tests in a month. He didn't say why it was weird though. So who knows?!


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