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Is this my opportunity...?

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I am so excited right now.  After a great time spent with SDgirl and Zephyr this past weekend, I walked away from our "meeting" with a sense that I was "supposed to do something".  Not knowing when, where, how, etc...I just had this intense feeling.  Being fairly new to this whole "journey", it was a scary feeling, I guess, but compelling none the less.

I am in school (online program) for my MBA and just started a new class this week - Ethics and Legal...
Our assignments each week are to review case studies and pick out the legal and ethical issues and analyze.  MUCH participation in the discussion boards (similar to our forums here) is required.  So I dig in today and start looking at some stuff on the discussion board and find that our first assignment has to do with potential wrongful termination, etc of a guy with HIV/AIDS.

Is this my opportunity (albeit a small group of people in my class) to provide some education, perhaps reduce a little stigma or whatever among these people?  It sure feels/looks like it to me.  I intend on taking this chance to throw some info out there, even if it doesn't REALLY have to do with the actual legal side of this case study.  A little extra information never hurt anyone, right?  :)

Thanks all for being here.  Without this family, I would completely be hiding from the world right now.  You guys have given me strength to face this head on. 



Latch onto it like a pit bull, and givem' hell.
Funny how things just fling themselves into our laps huh?

Run with it. I'm already proud of you, and you haven't even dug in yet.

     GO SHANE GO ! !

Dear Shane

This is definately an opputunity not to be missed..this is your chance to "do something" and remember, the louder the voice the more attention we get, stigma and discrimination has to be stopped, and who better to do it than those of us living with HIV.

I know you will make us grab it with both hands and run with it.

Jan :)

Joe K:
Hey Shane,

I believe that Fate has a way of presenting us with opportunities and what we do with them is up to us.  You already knew you were going to do this before you posted.  I'll guess you've got this strange feeling, that you can't quite describe, but you know you have to do something with this opportunity.

May I be the first to welcome you to the wonderful and powerful world of Advocacy.  Advocating is simplier than most people realize.  All you are doing is speaking for those who either will not or cannot.  It really can be that simple.  This is your first taste... something tells me it won't be your last.

Hey Shane,
Grab the ball and run with it! This is a great opportunity.

Sometimes the fates seem to deal us a hand we can actually use.




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