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Sign-up here for the moving party!!

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I just witnessed our sweet Cindy Sheehan tell MSNBC that she would like to live in Venezuela under her new buddy Hugo.
She extolled his virtues, and gave a sweet rendition of how he has helped many impoverished americans, even selling them heating oil in times of need. heart pumps purple peanut butter for her, and her new hero. So I thought I would start this sign-up sheet in order to expedite her trip. I have a AAA card, maybe we can get a good deal on a U-Haul.

Sign me up. I'll help move her ass, I mean butt, out of the U.S... I'm glad you are using a U-haul Lisa, it's sure to sink like a rock.

Throw in Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin for balance and I'm right there with you.
Both extremes work my last good nerve.

Oh hell I forgot about them two. I'm sure they'll be room.

I think it needs to be pointed out that left-wing governments are popping up in Latin America, such as Venezuela and Bolivia (and perhaps soon in Mexico),  partly as a response to the awful fascist dictatorships people in that part of the globe have endured for decades.

In many cases, such as the brutal assasination of Allende in Chile and the ensuing awful dictatorship of General Pinochet, the people were unfairly robbed of the candidate they voted for and left with terror in their midst.  Second class citizenry was their fate.

For instance when the criminal Batista ran Cuba like his own personal country club and babies and children dropped like flies from tuberculosis, the ensuing Castro government did in fact bring some measure of stability, education and health care to ordinary Cubans, not that I defend any nation without free elections. 

But if the shoe were on your foot how would you feel to have to live in a right wing dictatorship with no concern for human rights and basically run by a cabal of criminals...So people in Latin America now voting for leftists like Hugo Chavez are really doing so partly in response to what they perceive as American support for the former brutal regimes they feel our nation helped perpetuate.
And just because we are fortunate enough to have things like health-care (most of us anyhow) under non-communism doesn't mean they do.



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