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What to do when you think your partner is an aolcoholic

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I am new to this website and I hope you dont mind my posting an opinion. I fully agree with the replies below and I agree try a few more Al-anon meetings or even try a different Al-anon group and see if that helps. Remember the meetings will help give you the tools to help handle living with an alcoholic (or any other addiction as the tools work for many problems. men, drugs, alcohol etc). Its  more of a meeting for your sanity than to find your partners cure...that's up to them to find that when they are ready.  I do agree you might have to leave at some point to save your sanity and safety. You come first...take care.

Thank you for your concern

Honestly, the meeting sort of crept me out with all their "HI blah blah" after each person speaks and sort of had this religious overtone to the whole thing. People going around speaking their mind,,, i had no idea what that was all about! I didn't know their story and they never bother to explain their story.

Anyhoo, he is doing a lot better since getting off of Paxil although he is getting all the weird side effects from it. However, as for me, my emotions have all dried out, and thus put me in a horny, go out and get laid mode. I don't know if this will ever change back.


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