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shouldn't that test be Negative?

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Hello.  Some of you already kinda know my "story" since I have been a member since shortly after my husband tested positive, but for those of you who don't know or the others who might want to know more here it is...
I am 28 years old.
My husband is 32 and just tested positive in June.
We have a 2 1/2 year old daughter and a 10 month old son.

When my husband tested poz in June I was also tested, but at that time was negative.  Since finding out about his status we have obviously been very safe in our sexual practices.  Condoms are our new best friend.  But I am quite certain I was infected 2 weeks before my first result.

I'm kinda still in that denial phase.  I have never gone through anything even remotely close to seroconversion illness and I don't feel "sick" now.  But I decided to have the second test done because of a whole bunch of little things just didn't add up to me AND because I don't think that first test counted since it was so shortly after our last unsafe sex.  So, anyway, today, after waiting over 2 weeks they finally get the results and tell me the news...POSITIVE.  (God I would hate that job.)  I thought I was fine, but then I started thinking - How the hell am I going to tell my husband? and my parents?  (We are very lucky to have a wonderful support system of family and friends.)  But telling my husband I dreaded the worst because he was so happy when my first result was negative.  Kinda like - "Thank God it's just me."  Well, now it's just us.

Maybe it's a blessing in disguise because now we can go through this together.
Anyway, I know I have lots of questions rumbling around in my mind, I just can't quite get them together yet.  It's alot to process.

Let me add though, that it drives me insane that the first question people most people ask is "How did you get it?"  It drove me nuts when someone would ask me about him after we would disclose his status, but now it drives me even more nuts when they ask me.  I know it's a normal question that arrises, (and no one we have dealt with has asked out of meaness) but it still drives me nuts.  I've come with out with my standard response of "It doesn't really matter to me anymore - it is what it is and I can't change the past.  So it doesn't matter how or why or when because answers to any or all of those questions won't change anything now."  
(And I wanna add ... "Not that it's any of your damn business anyway.")

Matty the Damned:

I'm sorry to hear that you've received a positive test result. Please don't take offence but I need to ask you, have you had your result confirmed by a Western Blot test?



in canada all positive results are then backed up with a western blot. incanada anyway?

yes, a Western Blot test was preformed - there's no getting out of this now - I'm positive about that. 
(gotta make jokes - it's either that or cry - lol)


I want to repeat the reply I made to you in your thread in the "Someone" forum, just to make sure you see it:

I'm worried that you may be jumping the gun. You said in your first post in the other thread that you had an oral test - but I have never, ever heard of Western Blot testing being included in the oral-type swab tests. WB testing is normally done with a blood sample.

I urge you to make sure your results have been confirmed through blood tests. Please don't think I'm doubting your word, because I'm not. I'm only concerned that maybe you mis-heard what you were told when the oral swab test was taken - it's easily done and totally understandable when you're anxious and stressed out.

Unfortunately, it is possible that you have seroconverted since your first (too early) test, however it is also possible that your oral swab test was a false positive. Please make sure you've been confirmed through blood testing.

Hang in there hun, I know this is an extraordinarily stressful time for you.



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