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Trish and I went to a firework show in a town called Parkville yesterday.  It was nothing short of fantastic.  The advancements in pyrotechnics is fucking incredible.  Along with the 9 or 10 simultaneous explosions in mid sky, this year they had a ground show that was truly amazing.

Did anyone else see this type of show?  If you had, you would absolutely know what I was talking about.

I would have taken some shots of it, but I had loaned out my camera.  Really pisses me off.

Hi John

Every year on Australia day (Jan 26th)they have the biggest fire works display I have ever seen...a platoon packed with fire works is pulled into the middle of the Swan River in Perth WA, it lights up the River and the city in spectacular fashion, it lasts for an hour and is done to classical music..the last 10 mins has to be seen to be believed..literally hundreds are set off one after the other creating the biggest sky show I have ever witnessed...I miss Australia day.

Glad you both enjoyed your day.

Jan :-*


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