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A while ago i was reading about the HIV Hemopurifier but there jhasnt been much in the news about this of late has anyone heard anything new??

For a second there I thought you said an HIV Homopurifier  ;D

Jody   ;)

The company that makes the device ( completed a safety clinical trial in April of this year (good results), but it was on patients with renal disease. Altough the company still mentions the usefulness of the device for Hiv-positive patients, I don't think they have had any official trials for the disease. I sent them an email requesting info on this, so we'll see. The idea is intriguing, a physical way to remove virus from the blood, even if one has to do it every couple of weeks. If only this did clear the blood permanenetly! Maybe they will find a way of incorporating this into a treatment regime that will finally result in achieving the clearing of infection. You never know.

Hmmm, sounds kinda fishy to me, but then again, who knows.

It reminds me of the idea someone had to remove the blood, heat it to kill the virus, then replace it into the person's body. This was done on some people back in the early to mid '90s.

I never heard of it helping, but I did hear of people becoming very ill as a result.

I will wait to see if this current idea has any merit to it.



It doesn't seem like quackery, at least going by their website. Apparently the FDA has granted them a class tree medical device status.

The invention here is the filter, which is supposed to be able to trap the virus as it goes through it. The process itself of based on the mechanism of dialisis, whicih is well-established. Still...I'll believe it when it's proven that it works.


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