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Hi.. everybody out there, (I was told to post this here also) this is new for me and infected now sense 1996.  A long time
and my question to you all is, has anyone out there had  problems with numbness to there toe's
I just started going through this and is really annoying I already made an appointment
w/ my Dr. witch I hate to see and have had so much bad experience w/ them.
And this is why I'm asking this question. And could  you girls also recommend a good
clinic in NYC. Now I'm getting a bit scared

Thank you all and glad to be here.


Sory my first post didnt take.
I lived in nyc for yrs and one of the great places for infectious diease centers
is in the bronx..Its Monteforie Hospital..check it out.
Or you can choose many in Manhattan as well..good luck

Howdy Lula!

I'm glad you're here and have joined in.

Regarding the numbness in your toes, etc., what meds are you taking? Have you ever taken D4T (Zerit)?

What you are describing sounds suspiciously like peripheral neuropathy. I would certainly ask the doc about it. It can be caused by some of the meds and there is a theory HIV itself may be a cause as well.

Let us know how things go.



Hi Mark ,.. yes I did take Zerit a long time ago and now I'm taking Sustiva and Truvada witch I just started to take in June some time and I think this is when the numbness started? I'm have a Dr. Apt tomorrow so I will see what she says.. hopefully I could take something for it soon, is beginning to bother me allot. I do alto of walking with my son.
and I fell so crippled

thank you for your concern...


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