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hi guys i apologize to bother you but i'd like to know that how did you get  hiv? i mean do you have(all of you) extremely active sex life? did you get that with unprotected sex or did anybody get that with protected sex? please let me know i hope somebody found the exact treatment which could completely eliminate hiv and i hope you would be completely ok very soon  thanks for your answers and i'm sorry for my terrible english
best regards

I was having a lot of unprotected sex.  I knew it was bound to happen but at the time I didn't really care.

I can't make generalisations about how other members got HIV.  Each case is separate, but i'd presume that most members got it through having unprotected sex.  That seems pretty obvious.


I told you yesterday that you were not allowed to come into this forum and ask these kinds of questions. I know you saw my comments before I deleted your thread because I saw you were in the thread.

I'm locking this thread too but I'm going to leave this one here so you have no excuse. If you post questions like this in this forum again, I will give you a four week time out.

If you have questions, ask them in the Am I Infected forum in your original thread

This is your last warning about posting questions in this forum.



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