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told my aunt about my poz GF


i recently told my one of my favorite aunts about my partner's poz status (i'm neg).  we're really close, but i haven't heard from her since i told her (it's been a week).

i'm nervous, but i know that the truth always turns out better than hiding things....sometimes i tell too many truths, though.   :P

but this aunt will be the only person in the family to know.

When i disclose, i have found out that people usually become speechless... sometimes they really don't know what to say... so i give them time.

I would say give her some time and call her, the diagnosis of Hiv is a heavy thing for everyone, for the infected and the affected ones, perhaps she might need some more info but is afraid of asking.

None from the people whom i have disclosed and educated about this have reacted badly, the only who did were those not open to be educated, and thanks God it has been only 2% of all the people i have ever disclosed.


Juan Carlos

Andy Velez:
Give your aunt time. Your mind maybe busily coming up with all sorts of scenarios and most if not all of them may have nothing to do with what she's actually thinking.

If it seems appropriate, the next time you're alone with her you can ask her if she's had any thoughts about what you told her. But keep it simple.

And no less to the point is what your thoughts and feelings are since you have told her.

well, i think everything is going to be fine, so far.  she likes my gf and of course i still like my gf.  everything's fine and i don't feel like i'm hiding anything.  yay!! ;D


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