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I can't believe i do this again, guys but I feel like i want to do this atleast one more time. This time I wasn't drunk and all seems goes smooth. I had sex with a pros., condoms worn all the time and after the staff, the condom was intact. Is there any way that I should be concerned about? Should I schdule a test some time after serveral weeks?

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I urge you to read  "Lessons" located at the top of the page.


--- Quote from: Nabale on July 05, 2006, 03:20:51 AM ---condoms worn all the time
--- End quote ---

OMG! You had protected sex.  That means no risk!  No HIV infection.


Is there any other STDs that I should worried about? I mean my main concern is definatly HIV. But if i might come out ok with HIV, what else should i worried about? Does this mean, I shouldn't even care taking the anti-body test related to this incident?

Tnx all

You had protected sex, so no, you do not need to test in this instance, though anyone who is sexually active should test at least yearly.  As for other STD's condoms provide good protection.  As I said, if you are sexually active, get a full STD panel done every year.


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