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Lost Girl sends her Thanks


The support and encouragement I have received since I posted two days ago has been the most uplifting time of my life.  Yours words gave me such courage and strength and I have, in just two days, sought out a new specialist, told the old clinic to 'get lost' and had a productive long chat with my hubby.  I take it one day at a time and am so grateful I found you all.

Thank you everybody.  Words are not enough to describe what you have done for me.  I have found 'Positive Women' and am posting there amongst another group of the most amazing people I know.

Thinking of you all every day. 

Glad to hear you are doing great!!! :) Keep it up :)

Juan Carlos

Remember, you are not alone. The road ahead is definitely uncertain, but we can be there with you. Keep up the fight, and keep us posted. I think the best advice I have received is little by little and one day at a time. Hang in there : )

Thanks guys for your words of encouragement.  I am trying to take things one day at a time and every day I think or do something positive encourages me to keep going and smiling.  Sometimes I think I am maybe trying to pretend everything is okay, but if I am actively seeking out help and assistance every day then maybe I am braver and stronger than I thought!  I feel strong for my husband as he is real ill at this moment and needs a lot of treatment aside from the meds he will probably be put on Tuesday when he sees the specialist.  Hopefully if I can get him up to full strength again then when I feel down he can support me for a change! 
Wishing you the best.


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