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Hi Everyone,

I joined this forum a few days ago and figured it was probably time that I introduce myself.

My name is Doug and was diagnosed in July of 99. Basically I was in denial and ended up in the hospital with PCP, CD4ís were at 8. That was on a Monday, that evening my doctor told me to expect to be in the hospital for approximately 1 to 2 weeks. The next day on Tuesday I was released by another Dr. who was treating the PCP and told to come back on Thursday for a follow up appointment, that is when he confirmed my diagnosis for HIV, gave me a Rx to treat the PCP and I was to follow up with my primary physician the following week and to see the Pulmonary Dr. in 2 weeks.  I seen my Dr. that next Monday and was back to work on Tuesday.  Everything was so new and coming at me so fast I didnít know if I should slow down or keep moving. I think I kept moving but I felt like a walking time bomb, didnít know what to expect next. I was referred to an HIV specialist who soon became my primary physician. She put me on Viracept, Combivir and Sustiva. I began doing my labs every 3 months and I seen her 3 months later and at 9 months and after that I didnít see her or any Dr. for about 2 years, (they never requested me to come in for any follow up appointments and I wasnít requesting any) I continued my labs and popping my pills. After the first month I was undetectable and CD4ís in the 100 range, and soon they were in the 200 and low 300 range.  After that first 2 years I changed Drís to one who was proactive and took me off of the Viracept indicating that it really wasnít needed. My CD4 counts then went up again to the high 300ís for a while. I was also taking some high-energy vitamins I bought at Costco and for some reason just stopped taking them and my next lab CD4ís were now in the 500-range were they currently are at. Stopping those vitamins was the only thing I think I changed in my routine so I attribute it to that or so that is my unofficial theory. I just did my recent labs last Thursday so I will hear this week what my new results will be. Now Iím taking Truveda and Sustiva, and easy regiment to keep up with. 

I live in Oregon and am hoping to get out of this place in the next year or so, bought a house about 1.5 yrs ago which I really like but my company is driving me crazy and sometimes you just know when it is time to move on, I have been there 10 yrs now. I feel somewhat a prisoner to my job just for the insurance benefits but recently I realized that I need to get my resume out there and begin the job search. I have already begun that part of it and already received a phone call to schedule a phone interview and have a few other good leads in process.

I have two black cocker spaniels that keep me going, one will be 15 yrs in August and the other will be 3 yrs this fall. I do agility training with the younger guy and he does pretty well at it.  Other than that I am currently single and have not had the best of luck in the relationship area but I figure it will happen when the time is right.  Well I feel like I have rambled on too much.



Andy Velez:
Hi Doug,

Welcome! It sounds like you have had some of the familiar downs and ups emotionally and physically which come with the HIV territory.

It's good to read that you went and found a doctor more to your liking when you felt that was needed. Having a good working partnership with your doctor is one of the best tools you have for staying healthy.

That and your dogs. They're wonderful beings. As to the no partner thing, well the whole arena of love is one we all just work our way through the best we can, learning (hopefully) on the way.

You're always welcome here to ask questions and to talk about anything you have on your mind or to just hang out.


Hey Doug, welcome aboard.  I think the hardest part here is the introduction.  After that, just go with the flow.

Be well


Hey Doug,
Welcome on board. Glad you joined and chimed in.
I went through the denial thing too. Unlike you, however, I had someone kick me in the butt and make me take better care of myself - literally. He scheduled an appointment with a doc, picked me up and sat there with me while I waited for the first dreaded visit.

It sounds like you are doing pretty well these days. I hear you regarding the job. Someday I will share my job-related story with you.

Anyway, just glad you're here and hope to hear more from you.



Hi Doug

Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself.  You've found the best place in the cyber world as far as I am concerned for HIV+s. 

Good luck with your job search, (though I'm not sure why you'd want to leave Eugene--I think the area is beautiful).

RAB   :)


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