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My place is clean

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The Canuck:

Great to hear you are out of the Sustiva's nightmare and now into the gentle's dreams of Viramune. I'm aware Viramune can be nasty to some people but overall it seems this drug is generally well tolerated and quite efficient too.

A clean Dingo must be an happy Dingo huh...and a very happy Dingo will be quite a riot in Montreal...getting scared for the guys who will jingle their junks in front of ya'.  8)

Kidding aside..nice to hear things are going well for you.  :)


The Canuck

I understand, I like a clean house too! I would have most definatly thrown that pot out also. Week old hamburger helper....that's scary!  :o

Glad your feeling better,

Hello Bailey

Being Anal, like Mark, I also am kind of a clean freak. It's amazing how many tasks/projects can be accomplished, simultaneously. Different days of the week, are differant home projects.While the washer and dryer are running  other things,are being done. I really have quite a schedule, to work throughout the house.

Glad to hear that your getting back in the swing of things. :)


Since my "fireworks" were Monday, I spent the 4th cleaning, too!  iViva! fresh vaccuum tracks!

*giggles madly*  I just have a mini shark

and let me tell you... vacumming the whole place is a bitch with a handheld  :-\


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