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My place is clean

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Ok, for most of you this isn't an exciting topic.  For me it is.   For the last couple months i've been in a severe sustiva funk.   I called in sick for 68 hours in June alone, which is what prompted my switching medications to viramune.

I couldn't do anything.   I didn't clean, barely washed clothes (enough to get me through work) and didn't clean up after puppy for all the paper bags she shredded... my place was a disaster.

I cleaned it today... took all of two hours or so for most of it... still have a bit to do in the kitchen, but i have to run the dishwasher for most of the remaining mess.

and I feel good.   I feel normal again... I am gonna blog about this, but going from being too tired to care, to being back to wanting a nice, neat, clean apartment makes me ecstatic.

I threw out a large pot today... I was scared to open it.   I had made hamburger helper a few weeks ago... and well... didn't like it... it sat on the stove for a few weeks... no way was i gonna open that up.

I can't believe how bad i let it get... I know it wasn't me doing it but the sustiva, but I still feel some personal fault.

It's hard to see out when you are in the hurricane.   Now, I'm back in clear skies.  I am so much happier... I have NO side effects on this new regimen of viramune/truvada.

at least none noticeable (except a teensy itch the first couple days).

I finally feel like me again.   It's nice to get reaquainted with myself.

Hey Bailey...I'm happy to hear that your feeling better. I have really been paying attention to what you've been going through lately.  My husband had been in a real funk lately also. Don't know whether or not to blame the sustiva. He woke up in the mornings feeling nervous, probably from the dreams, which he most of the time couldn't remember, he just knew that he had them. His work has also been kinda of crappy lately, just to add to his stress! His doc gave him something to help him sleep and since then he has been OK. He wakes in the morning feeling good, so we'll see how this goes for a while.
He has been on sustiva since October and I figured any side effects like this would have showed up already, but I guess that's not always true.

 I would have done the same thing about throwing that pot out, I have never had to throw a pot away, but I have thrown tupperwares away from the fridge when I was scared to look in them!

Enjoy your clean apartment!


--- Quote ---Ok, for most of you this isn't an exciting topic.
--- End quote ---

You hit that on the head

OK, being slightly anal about such things, I can fully understand the joys of cleaning.

I have been remodeling my kitchen, so haven't been able to clean as usual. It drives me crazy, but I just don't have the energy to scrape the mastic from the kitchen floor and then clean everything again.

Good work Bailey. I'm glad you are out of the funk and back under clear skies.



(Who also would have been afraid to open the pot.)

Hamburger Helper ??? oh God ,   You WERE in a bad place....  Glad youre better now,


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