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I just want to call it quit sometimes

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I can not take it no more.

This damn disease!

I just wish I could just take a break form the every day pill taking. I am sitting here with all the words going through my mind and can not type.

Living alone is so depressing. I have no one to talk too. I only come on here to read the threads, and post when I can. Today has not been a very good day for me. I have started back smoking again. Seems like it is the only thing I can do right anymore.

The last few weeks I have been in hiding staying in my home not going anywhere not spending what little money I get each month with my SSI check. Then comes the bills half my money is spent on them. I just feel so fucking useless sometimes. I met someone I thought was a very nice guy come to find out all he wanted to do was spend all his money on crystal meth. He got we hooked on it and I can remember I went four days without sleeping or eating. He did not fucking care just as long as he got his fix that was all that mattered to him. He had no car so I was his only means of transportation. So the past few weeks I have been threatened by him calling me at all times emailing me and wanting to know where I was. I basicall have just kept quite and just blew him off.

I'm sorry I just needed to vent. I'm just so fucking tired of being used.

Hi Jer~

Sorry you're down in the dumps, seems to be going around.  Must be the heat, huh?

I feel like you, I was holed up in my house from last Saturday until Thursday, trying not to go anywhere and spend any money.  I know it sucks. 

As for ignoring the meth guy, good choice.  You don't need to be around that shit.

I have spent far too much time alone this summer, being unemployed has drastically lessened my time with people in the outside world.  It may sound nerdy, but back in early May and June, I made myself go for walks.  Go ahead, stick your tongue out at me, lol!  I went on these walks, and if anything, it was just a distraction.  From what I recall, you live on your parents' land, down in beautiful southwestern Virginia.  Get out there and just walk.  I know it sucks to be doing shit alone, but the walk will clear your head and make you feel better.  It did for me.  Brought my cholesterol down, too!

We don't live that far apart, so maybe sometime we could meet.  You prob aren't that far from Skyline Drive.  We could go get lost in the caverns sometime!  How far are you from Warrenton?  I'll have to mapquest it. 

Thinking of you!



less than one week before AMG! Relax until then. There are more fun things to do like finding matching socks than dealing with meth addicts.

Can't wait to meet you.

Milker (who will check if you have matching socks)

Miss Philicia:
Cindy I think Jerry lives way down in SW Virginia... long way away from you and closer to TN/NC.

Jerry, keep that meth head away from you :)  Sorry you're having a bad night/week and I hear you about money being tight from SS.  Just keep thinking of that trip to SF you're about to take and all the good company you'll be keeping.

Dan J.:

You are too good of a guy to be used by an asshole like that.  I'm sorry you are feeling down in the dumps today.


I know it's hard living in the country without any close friends nearby. Just think, this time next week YOU will be in S.F. having F.U.N.  I can't wait to see you!

 :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*



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