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Heightened sense of Smell and Taste


Just curious if I am a rare breed...  or if it is common, but rarely written about.

Since I first became poz, I've had a freakish increase in my ability to taste and smell.  I am wondering if there are others that have experience this.
Its not just slight increase...
Doctors look at me like i'm nuts when i tell them:

You know when you drive down the road,  and you see a dog with its head out the window and you wonder what they are smelling?  Well, I know
Or how about fastfood..  a chemical taste to almost any hamburger? (Most notably Steak and Shake)  lol
how about the minerals they add to purified water?  the calcium in OJ?

I've often chalked it up to my body naturally reacting to being immunocompromised. 

Now that I have a forum to ask,  thought I'd throw the question out there.. 

Anyone else experience this?
No meds here.


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