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Speaking of growing older . . .

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OK, I celebrated the big 5 0 a few weeks back. I thought, "No sweat. It's just a number, right?"

Since that time, I have had to buy new glasses, with stronger bifocals, was told I have the beginnings of cataracts, broke a tooth and had to have it capped, and today, went for my annual once-over by the dermatologist, only to be told I am now growing "age spots."  >:(

The dermatologist did find another precancerous spot, which she immediately disposed of with a swift wave of her liquid nitrogen wand. She also froze three other spots, not because they were precancerous, but because they were in spots where people might begin to notice - like my face. :-\

Ah, for the good ol days when all I had to worry about were the Hershey squirts, lipo and brain fog.

You know, last month.  :-[

Nobody told me my warranty was ready to expire and that everything would need fixing all at once.



(Who is going to buy popsicle sticks and duct tape in bulk because he knows he won't be able to afford Viagra.)

I'm holding on to my youth with all four claws and thank God every day for granting me another day of life. For someone that was diagnosed in"94" and only expected to be around five more years, I'm still standing and look pretty good at 49.That, I guess I can thank my parents for good genes and I've always been good about taking care of myself. There are so many that have gone before me that I felt were 10X the person i am. Possibly I've just not learned my life lesson but forwhatever the reason I simply remember "There by the grace of God go I." Your not falling apart, your just adding character! "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but but by the number of things that take our breaths away!.

Happy b'day... and 50... I tell people I'm 56 eventhough I'm 46 and I get alot of compliments on my youthful its great to be alive and celebrate a b'day... even with a body that just seems to need a bit more maintenance... Happy 50 and many more...

I know exactly what you are talking about Mark.

My Dad died in 1986, but I still get to see him every day:   anytime I look in the mirror!

I think "who is this old guy?  where did Alan go?"

My doctor told me last year "you know AIDS has aged your body quite a bit; you're more like a 60 year old in a 50 year old body"   Gee thanks.



PS - buy some fade cream for those age spots...a little dab every night before bed helps (like Ambi,  Porcelana, etc)

Miss Philicia:
Alan, you look like you're 35 in your avatar.


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