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How common is my type of exposure and how risky it is? I didnt really find info.

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what to do?:
Ok first I am gay and I am very careful with my sexual encounters....

I DO NOT practice anal sex because I do not like it..... neither top nor bottom.

I do however go down on guys and they go down on me but always no ejaculation, I guess giving blow jobs is the riskiest thing I do.

Today I was driving back home and stopped at a rest stop along the highway and saw behind the bushes a guy sucking another guy so I got outta the car and walked towards them, at the end I was also there with my pants down being sucked by this guy.

That is not what worries me, what worries me is that the other guy ejaculated inside the guy's mouth without me noticing anything, then the guy turned around and put my penis in his mouth and sucked it for around 10 seconds until I realized he had the other guy's semen in his mouth so I pulled my penis outta his mouth

when I pulled it out I saw semen around my gland

I dont know what to think of this

I thrusted the guy;s mouth with my penis like twice while he had cum in his mouth

I am sort of nervous..... I am very careful and have never been in this type of incident so I dont really know where to go from here.

You do not contract HIV from getting a blowjob. You can add all the extras to the situation but it doesn't change the fact. Could you have contracted another STD? Yes..

Please read the Welcome Thread...and follow the lessons, this will help you understand how HIV is transmitted.


what to do?:
thank you for both of your responses, I was aware that the risk of HIV getting transmitted by receivng a BJ is almost next to none.... what bugged me was the fact that he had the other guy's fresh semen in his mouth while he started sucking mine, and after I pulled out I saw the other guy's semen all over the head of my penis.... easily it could have gone from his mouth into my urethra!!!

does it the fact that his semen was exposed to the guy;s saliva lower the risk of infection as far as the semen going into my urethra?

I am sorry is not that I am putting in doubt your experience but I just want to put this behind.


Not only is saliva not infectious, but it also contains over a dozen different proteins and enzymes that quickly damage the virus. The outer covering of hiv is very fragile. This outer covering MUST be intact and undamaged in order for it to be able to infect.

I really doubt what you saw was cum. It was much more likely to be the guy's saliva.

You didn't have a risk by any stretch of the imagination.

Make sure you are using condoms for anal or vaginal intercourse, correctly and consistently and you won't have a risk in future either. Read through the three condom and lube links in my signature line as a refresher course on the correct usage.



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