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I have thought about it, but never acted on seeing a shrink..  I don't think I am falling off a cliff or anything, I just wana feel better.   Do I need to find a shrink that deals with HIV/AIDS and understands a "gay brain"..   Has others had any positive experience with this that was benificial.  My only fear is once they have you, they have you for LIFE... :o


Eric, I needed help at one time and went to see a shrink. I don't know who helped who the most. She had just lost her husband to a man and she was having more of a difficult time than I was. But one thing I got out of all the sessions, was a good friend. I don't think that you have to necessarily look for shrink that deals with HIV/AIDS, gay or straight. More so, is finding one that is a good listener.

I've went to a counselor off and on throughtout my years dealing with HIV, I'm actually currently seeing one that's helping me tremedously. I can say that having one at least knowledgable in HIV has helped me, I've had one that wasn't and one that only saw HIV patients and she seemed to understand my fears/anxieties more.

The key is finding someone you trust and sticking with it. Good luck!

Dear Eric,

I have had a few shrinks in my life.  It goes with living in L.A., a chicken in every pot, Prozac in every nightstand and a drive through plastic surgery clinic called "Jiffy Boob."

A shrink does not get you for life, they get you by the hour and can be fired just like the grounds keeper or the maid.  When they start saying, "What I hear you saying is..."  It is time to find another because they are not listening.  Have the best day


--- Quote from: Eric on July 04, 2006, 08:03:54 PM ---  My only fear is once they have you, they have you for LIFE...

--- End quote ---


I saw a therapists and was on meds for 2 years.  (All pre-HIV, so I can't speak to that aspect.)

As Kiki mentioned, it is key to find someone you can trust and completely open up to.  The comfort zone allows you to really get down and explore the core issues are and work to resolve them yourself.  I was initially on a VERY high dosage of meds daily, needed to keep it together.  After I started working things through, the meetings became fewer and fewer and I eventually weened myself off of the meds.  Haven't gone back since....and learned quite a few lessons that are helping me deal with my new "status" currently.

Therapy & meds don't have to be a forever thing, but in my opinion, they are a good support when needed.  I'm a firm believer.

You seem to have a great deal working in your favor.  If/When the time comes, you'll know if you should quit all together, gradually, or simply for the time being - leaving the door open for the future.

Caring Support!  :)


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