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so me and my friend are silly and sing songs.


we were bored today and were talking over AIM. we discussed singing i think for some reason, and he said he thought my voice has gotten deeper than it used to be. which is cool. xD But i'm still cursed. anyway. through some twist of events we decided to sing a song together. haha. like id sing a part, hed sing a part, and like he'd put them together. so we sang the I Just Cant wait to be king together from The Lion King. Because. We're odd. Hahaha. and we felt goofy

Anyway, we got really silly with it, and I made him sing the Nala parts because he's funny. =P But I thought you guys would want to hear it for a laugh.

we really don't have anything better to do with our time. =P

(if anyone here hasnt seen the Lion King then youll be really confused.)

Bravo! :)

Oh baby boy, do sound marvelous......but I'm about to really freak you out......
You sound ever so much like a young Michael J.   the likeness is astounding.
Sorry! I'm sure you didn't want to hear that huh? ::)
You need to branch out and do a solo act though, your counterpart was too muffled.

Yes he does sound like Michael J.

His stage name should be simply 'Jaser' and the title of his first LP should be 'Mouse'.

Do I smell a Grammy? ;D


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