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As some of you may know, my boyfriend is hiv positive, 6 days ago i got an operation in one of my lower teeth because i had gum reduction( when the gum is a little lower than it shoud be, so the dentist pulls it back up) i have stiches which the dentist will take off in 6 days. My question is, should i avoid giving my boyfriend oral sex until the stiches are taken out, even if the stiches are still in , the wound probably already healed ? HE doesnt ever come in my mouth. Or you guys think it would be safe to give him oral sex since its been 6 days since the operation. Thanks for the answers.

Matty the Damned:

As a general matter of post operative wound hygiene, I would recommend that you avoid having oral sex. Dental surgery wounds are very prone to any kind of infection and such infections (eg a dry socket) are very nasty. They can lead to other complications such as heart disease and blood poisoning.

Believe me, you don't want endocarditis.

The risk of HIV infection from unprotected oral sex performed on a male to the receptive partner is theoretical, but if it is going to happen then the presence of significant wounds such as those inflicted by oral surgery would exacerbate any risk.



hie pete
or  use condoms?

thanks for the answer, i willl definetly wait till the stiches are out and im totally healed.


I suely agree with Matty... just wait for oral sex; in your case, this might be a good idea even if yor boyfriend was hiv-

Take care,

Another "negative partner"


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