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Oddio, Oddio, che spettacolo meraviglioso...per l'Italia!

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My goodness, I've never seen such a knock-out in Soccer such as the one Italy inflicted on Germany!  Extraordinary, sublime and delicious for the Italians.  Heart-breaking and totally humiliating for the Germans!


DAMN..I missed the highlights..oh well, there goes another one of my teams.

My top three teams where..Brazil, Germany and Argentina.

Jan :)

My poor little neighbor came over to see if I was screaming for help. :-[
I assured her I was fine, but this game was gonna give me a heart attack.
Thos last three minutes were exhilarating! ;D

Buon Giorno!

What a game, I was on the edge of my seat!  It like 1984 all over again.
The Italians played for honour and overcame the home advantage for the Germans. 

My heart sank for Germany with Grosso's goal- ma ecco uno dei soui amici, del Perio - "numero due"   VIVA  ITALIA  (serves me right for siding against my Italian heritage)  Soccer makes such QUEER bedfellows of us all! :D

Good saves by Buffon and Lehmann.

Will Portugal finally beat the French? 

Tanti Saluti!



To tell the truth, we were all in a bar  sipping (what else? It seems that this beverage goes so well with Soccer, not wine) and really waiting for that moment when even the spectator's legs shake a bit, let alone the players':  "The penalty shoot out!"  Everyone was already getting closer to the screen to live one more of those incredible moments of ecstasy; and already guessing who was gonna do it for the Italians and for the Germans...
What a wakening and what a thrill.  And such a finesse in the first goal in between Gilardino and Grosso!
The first half, in my opinion, was a little boring.  Knowing the two teams quite well, I was expecting some kind of decision during the second half...!  But, overall the Italians deserved their victory and played as always " l'italienne!" ""Il catenaccio ha funzionato perfettamente, vero""?
Now, I don't even know what to tell you all regarding the match tonight.  Keep in mind, though,  that Paris is the second most important Portuguese city in the world --- the first being Lisbon.  There is already such an excitement and ""air de folie"" in town  which is hard to describe.  People are betting on their favorite team and players, and you can see the Portuguese flag, next to the French,  in several houses, bars and other commercial venues.
The general feeling I get is that the Lusitanos want this cup so, oh so bad that it will cost France dearly to have it.  There is also some air de revenge that I sense  by the Brazilian community in Paris.  Not only is the coach of Portugal  Brazilian, but there is also an important Brazilian community in Paris...! We'll see!



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