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Posted on: Today at 08:17:49 PM Posted by: ubotts 
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Hi all..
Well I went to the new clinic and all was great..

First I had to do alot of paperwork, and was asked alot of questions.
Then i had to switch my hmo Doctor i had at the old clinic to the new Dr.
I go in Friday for new bloodwork,

I was asked if I ever had these blood test done, which are:
HIV genotype..( had it in NYC) but never in NJ's clinic..
Hep C genotype
hep c Viral load
Hepatitis Panels and
DX:042...whatever that is..

So by this alone, I am batting a million by changing clinics..

There warm personable and very caring...Something which the other
clinic was lacking big time..

I go this Friday to get new bloodwork, then I go on the 20th of this
month to see my new Doctor and to get the new blood results.

Iam so glad I made the change...All i had to do is type in my zip code
and find out what other Infectious Diease Clinics were in my area.

So Now Iam leaving Jersey Shore and going to Monmouth Medical..

Jersey Shore has a special dept for hiv and aids patients called
"THE A TEAM"....which is ridiculous because everyone that walks
in there, everyone knows that there Aids or hiv people..which privacy.

The new clinic, is very discrete..
No one will ever know why you are there because your all in the same waiting

They just call your name, and follow them.....Pretty cool, huh..
Well its great for me and I look forward to meeting my new doctor
on the 20th...
Ill keep you informed as to whats what...OK?   

What a relief for you!! This clinic sounds like it has its act together and is respectful of patients. Seems you've found " The HURRAY Team" !!

I'm so glad you're going to get better treatment and care!  Some good news, for a change.


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