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Risk from fingering


I was fooling around with a guy a while ago. We didn't have inter-course, but he fingered me quite hard (I was bleeding afterwards a bit) and used a dildo on me, and he did give me oral as well - I didn't notice any cuts on him, at least not open ones. I didn't perform oral sex on him, but did pleasure him with my hands whilst putting my fingers in my mouth every now and again for moisture (possibility of pre cum?). We also rubbed our parts together. Would this kind of behaviour be at risk of HIV transmission?? I am female and worried that this was stupid...

There is no risk in any of the activities you mention. I urge you to read the link at the bottom of my signature line regarding HIV transmission.

Andy Velez:
I just want to second Jonathan's suggestion that you read the link on HIV transmission. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come. To protect your health and to spare yourself the kind of unnecessary worry you've been experiencing I urge you to get the basics down now.

This time out I don't see any cause for concern about HIV.



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