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My husband tested poz mid-June, I tested negative.  My test was done only two weeks after our last sexual encounter (an extremely risky encounter I might add - but did not know there was any chance of him being poz at that time).  Anyway, I've never gone through any seroconversion illness symptoms, but for the last few weeks I just haven't felt "right".  So, since it's been at least 8 weeks since my last test and 11 weeks since that night of crazy sex, I felt compelled to get tested again.  It was some type of oral test that tasted salty and they do a western blot on if it comes back positive - I won't have to give any blood samples for a confirmatory test.  It's been just over a week now and still no results.  I don't fear the outcome, it just sucks waiting.  I was just wondering if anyone had to wait this long for negative results.  I went to a different clinic then my husband goes to because they didn't want to test me again until October and I didn't want to wait that long - I guess not that it would've mattered at this point.  They told me that the test could take two weeks, but why would it take that long if it is negative.  If it was negative shouldn't I get it back in a weeks time?  I know I'm probably being paranoid and a lot of my aches and pains and weird sensations are probably more mental that actually physical.  Anyone else's experience would maybe put my mind at ease for the long holiday weekend.  (I've already had to wait through one weekend - that was long enough!!)


I've moved your thread from the Am I Infected forum. We'd rather you posted your concerns in this forum (Someone I Care About) as you are in a relationship and living with someone who is hiv positive. Thank you for your cooperation.

It doesn't make a difference what the test results are, it can still take up to two weeks to get your results.

The vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks. If your current test results come back negative, it's highly unlikely you've been infected.

The symptoms you're worried about could be caused by anything, including the anger and anxiety you've been experiencing. You need to discuss how you've been feeling with your doctor.

Keep us posted.


Thanks Ann - all of your information is always helpful.  I know 99% is mental and I'm not so worried about being poz - I doubt that I am, it's just that the wait is excruciating.  And the wait puts more thoughts and worries into my mind which in turn makes me more crazy.  I need to just relax a bit.  I just don't get why it would take two weeks. 

(From now on I'll just post here - thanks for letting me know.  ;))

I hope you have a very pleasant holiday weekend. I just finished making a watermelon, cantalope and honeydew melon fruit salad for 15 people.   The weather is perfect. So get busy.

  Secret, I also had a bad experience in getting an hiv result.
  After my high risk exposure, I went to my doctor.  I had not been tested in 3 years (as had been in 5 year monogomous LTR), I wanted one the day I found out my sex partner was hiv positive (not because I thought it would indicate I caught it from him), and wanted to set up for 6 week and 3 month follow-up testing.
They drew my blood.  My doctor said he would call me with the result and copied my cell phone number down on the front of my chart.  The test was drawn on a Friday.  His medical assistant, a bitch I have minced with in the past said, "I will mail you the results".  I countered, "No, Doctor ____ will call me the results"!  They drew the blood and I went on my way.  By Wednesday I still had not heard.  I called the office and was told they would not give that info over the phone.  I went Thursday AM to the clinic, the secretary took my number and said they would call me.  That afternoon I had not heard and went back to the clinic.  I told the secretary that I wanted my results.  She asked me to take a seat.  In a few minutes, the bitch medical assistant called me to the waiting room door and said, "The doctor will talk to you about your results in a few minutes".

  As I sit in the waiting room, I knew, I must be positive, otherwise they would just tell or give me a copy of the results.  It was a painful 20 minutes.  Then, the bitch medical assistant called me up to the front desk, and handed me an envelope saying, "This was mailed to you on Monday, but here is ANOTHER copy"!  Naturally I opened it right then and there.  Thank God, it was negative.

  I have worked in medicine my whole life, and pray that I have NEVER treated anyone like that.  I could have just died over that whole incident, and fully intend to discuss it all with my doctor next time I see him.  I love my doctor, but some of his staff are useless!!!!

Good Luck To You!


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