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Ann, Mr. Andy Velez, Please Help...!

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So here's my situation:  went to a club the other night - got a vip show with one of the girls - went into the back room - she started to jerk me off - no problem...but in doing so, she actually "ripped" off a scab I had on my penis - started to bleed a little (not much, but was a little, and was very raw and red!)- then, she started to lick her hands and used her saliva as a lube, and at one point, rubbed that directly on my wound!!  as a result, i am very scared....and essentially, i am wonderig - based on this situation - should i be worried? or should i relax?  if i should be evne a smidgeon worried about this situation with regards to hiv, please let me know!  ok - thanks for your hlep - look forward to hearing from you all

Saliva is notinfectious. This is pretty clearly ourlined in the Welcome Thread, a link to which can be found underneath this message.

Andy Velez:
Hi Media,

Essentially this was a masturbatory situation  which means there wasn't any risk, no matter what nicks, marks, cuts, pimples, scratches, scabs or any other you had/have on your penis. Transmission just doesn't happen that way. No kidding. And you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

Unprotected anal (or vaginal) sex is how it happens, and with some slight possibility of via you giving oral to another guy.

So you don't have to worry this time out. Really.


Hey guys, new issue/question....

So I went back to the club and a girl there, who just came out of giving a show to another person, took me to the back room - she then proceeded to give me a handjob and during this grabbed a bottle of lube she had and put it on her hands/me.....I guess what I"m concerned about is if maybe her hand or the bottle of lube (as it was wet on teh outside) maybe had some cum or pre-cum from the guy before me....would that put me at risk during my show/handjob? should i get tested?  thanks guys.

Um, maybe you should go to a strip club with internet access. It would save you a couple of steps.

Seriously, please read the lessons in the wolcome thread. Educate yourself about HIV and other STDs.


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