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I'm getting nervous. In a couple of weeks when hubby goes for his checkup and his labs i will get my first  yearly HIV test. It has been a year since I had my last one...LOL I guess that's why they call it yearly. Its the test where they prick your finger and the test takes 20 minutes. I know I am fine so why am i getting so nervous. Haven't had any risky sex, always use a condom and they are always intact when we finish.
So why am I so nervous!


eep!  can't they just give you an oral swab?  i hate needles and can't even stand the thoughts of it. 

good luck, hon...but i am sure you will be fine.

Hi, feeling nervous is a normal thing... i always get nervous when i get my blood work done :) like if i would test positive LOL!!  :D

My advise would be... stick to your knowledge, you know you have played safe so you know you will be ok. Knowledge is power!


Juan Carlos

It's understandable you are nervous! But there's no need: you have been safe, so expect a negative result.

When I got my negative result, after my bf diagnosis, I was so depressed: I could not stop thinking about when he was sitting there instead of me, and got his positive test back!


Hi Teresa,

My partner was always a bit nervous during the first few years of routine testing. Once he had a few negatives under his belt, he didn't stress so much about it and became more confident in our practices. Hopefully you'll find the same reaction in yourself.



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