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I'm a 29 year-old Italian living in the UK. My partner of over seven years has been diagnosed in June 2007 (I have tested negative).

His first blood results are quite good: CD4 478, 28%, VL 43,000 (At least I think they are good, any comment on that? He was exposed in February and perhaps ha not yet reached his set-point).

Well, what can I say? Life has changed in one miserable day (the day just before his birthday  :'()

We have disclosed his status to his family and a couple of friends, receing great moral support. We are both well educated about HIV, and working on spending a long life together. Medicines are quite amazing, and new treatment keeps poping up! (Here in the UK is completely free) We are also seeing a psycologist and going to two support groups (Newly diagnosed gay men and Negative Partners).

Nevertheless, HIV sucks. The worst moment was his seroconversion in March, although we did not know about it: he was very sick, could tick all the boxes in the ARS symptoms list.

I would like to hear rom someone in the same situation, but also get to know those of you who are in this forum cause they are infected (rather than affected - like myself).

Looking forward to this forum's closing date (due to HIV CURE ;D),


Hello, Fabrizio.

Welcome to the forums.  Yes, the numbers sound ok to me.  Sounds like you two are adjusting well and have a good support network.  Hope you find this site to be a good part of that.

Hi glad to know you are both supporting each other, the Hiv path becomes hard sometimes, but eventually things do get better... The most important is that now you both are aware of this particular situation will learn to handle it and take the control.

For any question you or your partner may have, count with us.


Juan Carlos

Hi Fabrizio and Welcome to the forums!

My hubby was diagnosed over a year ago and I am HIV-. Yes HIV/AIDS suck big time! No doubt about that, but it isn't the end. Things have pretty much got back to "normal". There are even days that i don't think about it, and I used to think about it every day.

I'm glad that you found us here.


Ciao raggazzo,

welcome to the forums. Your partner is very lucky to have you on his side. Going through this with a loving partner is not given to many. So kudos for helping him.



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