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Happy fourth from Florida(Flor-rid-a-ya)


Seems as Floirida becomes more like California, too many migrants, U.S and Mexico, so comes the dwendling of health care(medcaid) AND a recent local news story says syph is on the rise not to mention hiv.  OH well...Flor-rid-a-ya!  We natives wish you would stay else where;  4th of July is the only big tourist week end in the summer and with the space shuttle goin' off with everything else(which just got off without a hitch); our feeways and beaches are over run; how can that be fun.  I stay home and cook out; can see the fireworks over the treetops or down by the river, very nerar to downtown Jax; or watch them on tv.  Miami, Tampa, Orlando has been ruined by tourism, glad I live up in Jacksonville, but since that superbowl here, it's booming.
FLOR-RID-A-YA!  Guess that ain't gaonna happen with untold miles of beaches and attractions and migrangt workers(the new condo down by the river that blocks my view, was built by Mexicans and they will stay and eat up my medicad; at least brother Jed will be out of office soon who recently made "adjustments" to Fla medicad.  Didn't affect me, am grandfathered in...
The American way, prosperity and greed, isn't life wonderful, ain't it grand?  Thankfully before Fla goes under like California I will probably be dead....

And right back at you Jim...
(from Kal-e-forny-a) Haven't gone under yet, we are still fighting


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