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leg and ankle swelling?????? help

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I am currently taking Kaletra and Combivar as well as a blood presure medication and Bactrim. My legs have started swelling about 4 months ago. HIV doctor said it was nothing and slightly swollen up. I get more swollen up in the evening after working all day. You can see my sock indentations in my skin and no ankles just stumps. My skin gets really tight and my feet are very sensitive. Swelling goes all the way up to the knee, sounds really atractive!
Anybody else have any ideas. I went to my general physician and he took a blood panel (like I needed more blood drawn) but I haven't heard from him yet. Only been a week.

any info would help.

What blood pressure meds are you on, if you don't mind my asking?  There are some blood pressure meds that may cause fluid retention and consequently ankle and leg swelling.


short of having an explanation for the swelling I would recommend lymphatic drainage by a professional masseur; it will  relieve you of the swelling (or at least reduce it significantly).

Hope you find the reason behind this


Just an update. I had discussed this with my general Doctor and he took some blood work. I got it last night and all is fine there. I am calling him today to get some kind of relife. I am on my feet alot at work and it is killing me!
Thanks for your advice and help.


are you drinking lots of water?  The tendency when you feel 'swollen' or like you are retaining fluid is to not take in too much, but you probably need to take in more.

My ankles used to swell terribly before I got my cardiac situation under control with medication (I have Congestive Heart Failure).

Sorry you have to stand up a lot, I know that is a pain.   I'm thankful I get to sit on my skinny butt at my job!




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