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I went to a strip club and I grabbed a chair, and I noticed there was something sticky and slimy on the chair... i thought nothing of it and then i rubbed my eye and mouth a few seconds later... but then i realized it could have been semen because i heard stories of men masturbating at strip clubs... is there a potential risk for getting hiv this way?


No there is no risk.

Andy Velez:
Please read the lesson on this site about transmisison. This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come and you need to know the basics about HIV transmission. The link to it is in the first thread in this section.

That way you can protect your health and be spared a lot of unnecessary worrying.



i decided to get a blood test done today for unprotected sex encounter from a long time ago... and now i am starting to get fears from getting hiv from the clinic where i got a blood test...

my question is this: everything went fine when the nurse took my blood... the nurse then put a band aid without the gauze... and so half an hour later, the band aid on my arm was soaked with a lot of blood... i thought it was unusual because those kind of wounds heal quickly... is it normal for my arm to continually bleed like that? because my mind is racing and thinking that the blood was from somewhere else... could it be that since there was no gauze, there was no pressure, and so there was still a lot of bleeding?

thank you

If you didn't continue to hold pressure on it of course it will bleed.


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