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Last Night's Rock Concert


Whoa...we had a blast!  Drive By Truckers were pretty good, Southern style rock, but they seemed a little strained.  maybe it was the heat (they played at 6:30 so the sun was still high in the outdoor venue.)  Robert Randolph and the Family Band were phenomenal!  We danced like funky fools!  We met the bass player after the show and I snapped a picture of my friend Abbey with him.  The Black Crowes were truly awesome!  They seemed to play FOREVER (you'll realize why at the end of this thread.)  They did a Pink Floyd cover and all through the show they had a fog machine running contantly, the breeze kept it just dense enough for the incredible light show. The backdrop to the stage was open to huge oak trees that were lit with various colors, and  at one point the laser "Tunnels" made me think about alien abduction.

The only down side was that I spent the Crowe's first six songs (about 40 minutes) in line to get water and beer, because it was my turn.  But even that turned out to be fun, because that's when the shrooms kicked in! Now THAT'S something I truly haven't done in years! No need to see fireworks tonight, eh?

Wow, it sounds like you guys had a good time!  Reminds me of a lot of sweet memories... ;)



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