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anyone fear getting sick caused by going back to work?

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just wondering if anyone feels as what i'm about the write

I tend to remember the good old days at the start of the week. You know, when I had a career.

I liked what I did a lot and it was a core port of who I was in my 20's and the early part of this decade too.

  I figure this would go into Mental Health because I think if I stop kidding myself the truth is I have  a huge fear of getting sick (again) from the stress of a full time job

sigh! Thanks

I'm not sure if it is an irrational fear at all.

In my current job, I am in a room, that is a branch off of another room - with no window that can open - and there are three of us who sit there - and two of them seem to not have the vaguest idea of how to cover their mouths or nose when they sneeze.

I am constantly wiping down everything  on my desk with antibacterial wipes. and spraying my coworkers with Lysol. 

What makes it worse is that one of my coworkers has kids so he always has one of those fucking childhood germs on him.


Hello Alex,

To answer your question, at this particular time, I do not have that fear of work creating so much stress that I would/could become sick. And in my current position ( where I work), I have about 5 weeks of vacation/sick time(PTO)  stored. There is a certain amount of stress on my job, dealing with distraught residents families, but I handle it very well and professionally.

I can only tell you, that I am not able to perform the same job functions, as I was able to prior to 2004. I  can also tell you, that working full time, pretty much wipes me out. My first day off, on my weekend, is usually spent sleeping, and trying to recover. By the time I go back to work on Sunday night, I am pretty good for the work week.

When the neuropathy was kicking in, I grabbed at the opportunity ( within the same company) to take a change of jobs, which was both less physical, and I didn't have to deal with any of the stress that I had in the previous position. One of the great things was, I am now off my feet. Unfortunately one of the bad things about this new position( of which I have now been in about 3 years) is that I don't get the physical activity. And I do miss that. All my jobs that I have ever had, kept me in excellent shape.

It's tough to have to change careers. I would love to be able to do the work that I was trained to do, but there is no way that, that is possible.I don't think that I could handle it physically, and I don't want to attempt it. I was very fortunate that the position had opened up, and I am still in that position today, doing quite well, with the minimum amount of stress, which I believe helps to keep me healthy. We all know that stress is not good for us. My partner is HIV negative, and the stress that his job was causing him was making him physically and mentally sick. He decided to retire. He's a new person.

I am also fortunate in my job to have great benefits, which allow me to take time off, just about when I want to. I took two days off, the other week, when I had a summer cold. In fact, our company, encourages us to take sick time off, so that employees may not spread bugs around to the residents.

Also, we don't get sick days. Our company stopped that about 8 years ago. When we are sick, it is deducted from our PTO time ( payed time off) , automatically. I am also fortunate, that our company has a very generous PTO policy, and a good medical insurance. ( of which I am going to try everything to hang onto that !

I keep a very large amount of PTO stored up, just in case something comes up, and I have to take some sick time off. And I am grateful that I haven't needed to use that, other than for vacation time, a couple days here and there.

Alex, I also remember those good ole days .... Seems like a very long time ago.

Alex, I've also got to say, that it does get a little tougher each day, week, month, for me. Seems I have to get an earlier start in the evening, to get myself motivated, to get into work ! There are plenty of nights prior to going in to work, where I would much rather have a couple extra hours of sleep, and say"screw it ". There is no doubt, that I am getting tired...

Take care of yourself--------Ray

Stress can be a major factor in your overall health.

I took a job that put me at a higher professional level.  For a while I was thrilled at the opportunity.  I soon found that the new job came with an unusual amount of stress.  I was the go to person for everything and the constant morale booster trying to undo the residue of past ill staff treatments and move everyone to success.  At the same time a few family members and friends were faced with medical, emotional and financial needs and were looking to me for help.  It all got to be too much.  My CD4 started a steady decline from 550 to 300 the last eight months on the job. I had not changed meds.  As a twenty year HIV survivor I was doing very well on my meds wth 550 CD4 and no-detectable viral load. 

I was on the job for a total of 18 months before it relocated cross country several months ago.  As someone who has worked since the age of seven, this is first time in my life that I have been without a job. I've been looking for another position over the last several months. I hope to find something less stressful.

My CD4 is now over 600 and I remain non-detectable.  I feel so much at peace now. Family and friends are taken of and I informed everyone I can not handle that level of stress anymore.  I have my insurance and the bills are paid for six months.  I will also finish my graduate degree soon.   Take if from me, your health (mental and physical) is most important as it will allow you to better enjoy life, your job, family, and friends.

I think it's definitely normal. I was always a neat freak and germ-neurotic so Purell wipes by the case have been a staple for awhile.

Whever I start to get run down or worried about getting sick, I just make sure I slow down some and tell myselfmy numbers are good and if I get sick, my ID doc is just a phone call away. I do what I'm supposed to do and that's all I can do.



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