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Today is an exciting day!


Well, I am back in the United States and I must say I feel good.  I was so afraid to come here, but now that I am I feel calm.  It has been almost a month since I received my diagnosis and I have to admit it was difficult at first and I know that there will be days that will be difficult ahead.  But I have learned I must let go of the past and simply take responsibility for my actions and my non actions.  I feel freedom and liberation from my self destructive lifestyle and have a new motivation to live.  I know this is temporary and that there will be days of doom and gloom, but it is in these moments that I must hold and when the darkness comes I must surrender to its perfectness as well.

Today I see a case worker at the Aids Project in my state.  I have no insurance, nor do I have much money.  But I have faith and I am learning to trust in myself again.  I have joined a gym and am focusing on a good diet.  I feel like my old self again.  I am grateful for this feeling. I thank each and every one of you for sharing you lives with me and giving me support when I felt I had none. 

And for those that are in a dark spot; know that this too will pass and the light will shine in your life again.  Have faith in yourself, respect yourself and feel blessed.  Without great suffering there is no great joy!

Love to all.. harmless to self and harmless to others


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