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The Only Ass That Jesus Rode was the One Along Damascus Road

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Matty the Damned:
Gay Christians are the creepy embarrassing secret of Queerdom. Like a fart in a sauna or the retarded relative in the attic, nobody wants to mention them. Except for Matty the Damned.

Ever intrepid and obviously with little else to do, Matty the Damned has spent the last few months undercover in a Gay Christian forum. Get the low down on these strange people by clicking here.

You know you want to.



Matty-poo, missed your calling sir. A must read for everyone!
Will this blow (no pun intended) your cover at the Gay Christian Forum? I would be very interested at their reaction to your infiltration and reporting.

I genuflect in your direction.

Hal :-*

Spot on MtD... what is so funny is there is such a hypocrisy both with this group and the gay republicans. Oh if we could just settle down with a house and picket fence 2.3 kids and a pooch the world would accept us.
Like Matty I too went in search of things more profane.

 I recomend everyone should google
--- Quote ---incest and the bible
--- End quote ---
After a good look and reading what the priest left out of their sermons, this book like the Q'ran is full of filth and betrayal, that would make Joan Collins envious. Lead to believe that they have the "god' given right to be above all others.

If I won the lottery I would start a tv show where a guy dressed as a priest  (Matty is that you)would talk about things like forcing your wife to commit sex acts on strangers - Abraham, having loads of sex with your daughters- Lot.  Multiple sex partners- David- GB mustn't know what our Davey thought of being faithful.
The list goes on and on- oh I know it's all about interpretation.
They will know we are Christians buy our our love


Did you read Justin Lee's bio? It appears he's gay but celibate click here


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