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Scared Shitless.

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HI all.
Recently Ive been bruising easily..My skin has gotten thinner.
Iam not on aspirin or nothing that could thin my blood.
I have purple looking blotclots on my arms...All someone has to do it tap me or if
i stretch myself happens.
Then last night, i was on the computer for hrs with just my undies on and when i
when to get off the leather seat, my skin actually stuck to the chair...
I had to get off so slowly because it was so painful...
When i finally got off, I saw a layer of skin shaped like my butt and legs were on
the chair.. ??? I couldn't believe it.
I saw the Dr's that morning and was told my numbers were good, platelets were find
and they said the bruises on my arms were probably from taking prednisone ..
But that was in December of 2006...almost 9 months ago..
So ,, they really didn't have an answer for that.
But later on when my skin came off an stuck on the computer chair, i got scared
shitless.... :'( Iam am starting a new clinic on Friday..I was not very happy with the
one i have going to for 3 yrs now, since i moved from NYC to NJ..
I wish i would of stayed in NYC just for the doctors...There great there.
This state or this clinic stinks..Iam not happy and i am moving on..
I need answers...If anyone can help for now, id appreciate it..

I started taking truvada last month and my tcells went up from 241 to 294, so that's
good news..Then they said all my numbers were good..FINE..
But whats up with my skin..Got no answer.. :'(
Iam so down about this...Hope the new clinic can help me..
Thanks for listening to me...If you have any suggestions, please post..
I need answers..thank you all...luv skinless bruising kinda girl.. ;) oops on the top of the page i meant stratching ....not stetching :D

Hey Ubotts,

I have seen bruising like you describe come about because of blood-thinning agents and for people with diabetes, but have not heard of any HIV-related reasons.

I am no doctor. When you go to the new clinic this Friday, make sure to show them what is going on and tell them what happened with the chair.

I wish I had a better answer for you. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.



I would highly recommend you put a big fluffy terry cloth towel on your leather chair  if you choose to sit in it naked.....or wear clothes.  I have experienced the same problem of "sticking" to things.  Dont you live in New Jersey? I am in philadelphia and we had some of the worst hot and humid weather recently.....everything seems sticky.  I change clothes three times a day.

I don't know what the bruising thing is with you but I'm sending you HUGE {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}

ubotts, you don't take cumadin do you?   I have heard of people bruising easily, but if your platelet count is normal I just don't know what it might be.   Hope you can get some answers.




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