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Quite a few people I've been talking to recently suffer from night sweats and possible PN before meds. When I was going through this a couple of years ago my ID doc didnt accept what was happening because my numbers were still ok. Know some of you are dealing with this...whats your doctors reaction? And are you getting help/taken seriously? I'm about to start work for a charity, UK funded but worldwide interest, we'd appreciate all info

Well, Tigger, that is a tough question.  I tested positive in 1989 and believe me, I've had my share of the night sweats.  But I don't think all of them were related to the HIV.  I think some of them are related to changes in hormones, and other infections that I had.  When I had the wasting syndrome and then PCP, I'm sure they were related to the HIV.  But I think it depends overall on where your numbers are at.  It also seems like some people are more prone to this than others. 

I'm not saying to dismiss night sweats.  Just saying to look at other alternatives if the numbers are good.  Just my two cents...

obviously weve already talked about this face to face, but my dr doesnt think too much about it cos my numbers are fine. problem is that the nightsweats are the reason for any days off ive had from work when ive been too exhausted to stand.

interestingly, if i ever fall asleep on the sofa in the daytime i wake up drenched too, so its definitely something that goes on mainly in my sleep. but my colleagues would attest that in the daytime at work (while awake  :( ) i also experience extremes of hot and cold that involve me borrowing peoples clothes cos im shivering, or virtually stripping down to my undies/hanging out a window cos of a hot flush.

i wondered if i was eating too much spicy food but due to various 'experiments' im sure that isnt it. ive tried the window open & the window closed, and that doesnt make much difference. ditto electric blanket on/off.

i would compare whether it happens more/less whilst asleep with someone next to me but sadly i havent got anyone to lie down next to  :'(  offers please...

maybe it is down to hormones/early menopause but i very much doubt it seeing as i never experienced any of this before i was poz. and also i have other gyno reasons for not thinking this is the case.

in conclusion, i think its the little viral critters waging their war against me. not nice but i can live with it if it's the worst i ever have to go thru for a good few years

lots of love

it could be hormones, the bug can mess with hormone levels and it's important to get a hormone panel once in a while.

i don't have experience with sweats other than once in a while, but you could look into that angle. i do remember though the temprature changes, from freezing to boiling, from before my diagnosis. i didn't know i had HIV, so i just thought that's how i was. i am much more stable in that respect now following my treatment.

hugz (not overly warm ones),


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