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Perpetual Cold / Early signs of swollen lymh nodes? / Do I have it?


For the last month or so, I've had strong signs of the following symptoms:
Perpetual Cold,
Skin rashes,
itchy thorat/back of mouth,
thick-ish saliva,
horrible running nose, 
always feeling like I'm on-the-verge of coughing,
occassional dry cough that feels deep,
fever-feelings, and
nausea (fatigue, dizziness, feeling like there's something stuck in my throat I have to get out)

The symptoms get slightly better but "worsen back" in a couple of days.

I've also had the formation of many tiny bumps on my skin... They might be cysts, as they're often tiny bumps that itch, and they often form together, 3 in a cluster. Formation started near fingers and toes (and belly), and is now spreading to arms and legs. Are these early signs of swollen lymph nodes?

There seems to be something wrong with my immune system. I'm suspecting HIV but...

Source of infection? I've had only had sex with one person, and this person doesn't have HIV. I've never used a "dirty" needle, as the only shots I've had were from medical clinics or hospitals (hopefully those were clean...).

But, back in late January, I got a semi-deep cut from a photographer trying to put on fake collars with sharp metal clips. (He'd cut his fingers on the metal before, too!) Do you think I could have contracted HIV from the photographer?

not to mention perpetual dehydration; my skin shrivels in a few seconds under exposure to water even though I've been drinking 3 L/day of water (not counting water from food intake) for the past few days.


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