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I got my first hatemail from my videoblog.... well, it's kinda pathetic hatemail and sad in it's own way... it's not even very creative nor witty nor even amusing... kinda pathetic really for hatemail.  But I don't expect this fellow to be too bright either, so let's give him a chance!  My motto is try try try again!!!! 
--- Quote ---Borked Pseudo Mailed  <> to me
  More options   Jun 27 (6 days ago)

your'e not only getting a dell you are going to die of aids in 2 years.
--- End quote ---

I suspect it's some sort of fake cloaked email site, but technophobes can tell me better if it is... because I'd like to sign them up for spam :)

I feel so special.  Not only that somebody at youtube watched a 6 minute blog to get that email addy, but also that they wasted their time emailing me.  Of course that presumes somebody from there, versus here... sent that.  I've had 71 clicks from this and possibly other sites to my vid which is published on about another same amount from youtube thus far.

Sad really though.  But dammit, you can't be really famous until people hate you,     

and I've formed a Youtube Group for HIV Videobloggers.   There are two of us (the other is not active on this site that I know of, but he was recently diagnosed and has just started sustiva and truvada and has been giving almost daily reports.   Lwood joined, but I'm not sure if he wants to post his vids under that group or not since they don't directly relate to hiv (mostly) but you are welcome to post your vids to the group lwood... just use the add to group button, I've authorized anybody who is a member to upload (now that I figured out that I could delete them if somebody abuses it. to view a collection of hiv videoblogs and selected short films/ads.

Bailey, I am sorry you got hate mail. Man, I wish you had the ability to track that loser.  People with strong opinions will always draw the ire of others. I personally would not totally trust nayone with zero enemies :). God/dess knows I have made some online, and am rather proud of them all. Sometimes upturning the cart is a necessary part of living your life in a world that rewards complacency with... well, with a quiet, noiseless death.

i would have been much prouder had there been a rant involved though.

a simple one-liner doesn't really cut it as hate mail. 

I'm very sad about that.   Gawd Dammit!  I can't even procure decent hate mailers. :P

I never had this here at aidsmeds... and haven't since i started posting blogs on youtube... with the exception of now since i posted an email addy in my last blog.    VIDBLOG@GMAIL.COM

i hope to get some emails from you all to include in a future blog, showing this loser how to insult a person properly.

Please title the SUBJECT:   JOKE BLOG

i want scathing insulting and real insults.   I know you bitter queens can do better than a 14 year old toddler.

and dammit, I need material to talk about anyways... so give a guy a hand... with lubriderm :)

i'd like to contrast some 'faggy' insults with his boring straight insult and make a mockery of him.

Of course that means that i am fair game in all manners, but the most obvious being preferable....nothing too 'me' specific as the asstard wont get it then.

i am not upset at all about getting hate mail.  It was expected.   I just want to make a laughingstock out of him now and show him how to really insult people with wit and humor.

...and no, i won't be insulted by what you all say... this is a moment to email me and stereotype.. the blond hair, the nelly manner.. whatever... GIVE IT to me!!!!!

welll.. as long as you aren't especially mean.. :P

I just wanna show the straight boy how insulting is done right because he failed miserably.

Yeah, I agree. As hate mail goes, that was sorta lame.  You really have not had anyone from aidsmeds do the nuke assault? Wow. Well, I have certainly seen some calculated assaults on you here.  Stuff like that is way more worth your time than the, um, - worthy email you got.

Seriously try harder to piss people off, Baiiley! I know  you got it in ya ;)

AH, the obvious people and posters here are the frequent attacks of others.  I wouldn't say i've been nuked... but i've been missiled a few times.... those pansies can't nuke me if the tried...  I'm proud to be the calculated assualt person since that might delfect some of it from other people... because if the didn't pick me they'd pick somebody else.. who might not be able to handle it.

but i do have a blog to do...and i'm strapped for material since i don't go out hardly at all lately.

So I think making fun of a aidsbasher is .. well.. fun.

only somebody who truly has hiv can show em how it's done properly.   So i certainly expect ya'll to give me your hiv/aids insults/jokes/humor


of note maybe the fact that previously i got about 1/10th of my views from this site... and for this post thus far... about half in a week.    that means to me that this site is getting much much more hits than before... i'd like to see some stats if thats acceptable to the owners.  Previously, i would have expected merely a dozen or so hits, though it's hard to know with text blogs, it became obvious when i track it with youtube logging information.

I've had over 5400 hits on my blogs there, the vast majority coming from youtube members, so i do reach a much greater audience there, even if some aren't so receptive.. but at least they watch :) and might learn something in the process even if they are idiots.

But the recent trend is 1/2 and 1/2 which i find quite surprising.

I think all the blogs are getting super hits now that is sending links in their emails to members for the aidsmeds blogs.

So you bloggers.. LISTEN UP... blog your ass out because people are listening!!!

Bailey (who needs a dose of his own advice)


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