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Are my tests conclusive?? Andy you seem very informed, please respond

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Hi everyone,

Like most people here, I had a possible exposure....

I'm a 22 yr old female who had unprotected sex once with a "friend" of mine.

I got tested up to 15 weeks and was negative. My doctors tell me that 6 months is truly negative.

Should I get this 6 month test done, or am I good to go? Thanks!

13 weeks is conclusive. You don't need to test out to 6 months. That's the old guidelines.

Andy Velez:
The CDC is very conservative with regard to testing guidelines. For quite some time they have endorsed 13 weeks as sufficient for a reliable result except in cases involving either IV drug use or when the person has a severely compromised immune system from something like treatment for cancer. Believe me, if your immune system was compromised you'd know it because everything pretty much starts collapsing.

So yes, you have reliably tested negative for HIV and you're good to go.

However, you need to learn from this experience. You can have intercourse with whomever you like as long as the guy is always wearing a condom. No exceptions no matter what you think you know about his history or how great he looks or anything. A condom is a must!


Thanks for your insight Andy and RapidRod.

Andy, when you say things start to fall apart, what do you mean by that?

Can that be common things happening to my body all at once or does it mean that I would be so sick I'd be in a hospital bed? Thanks.

I've been going to the doctor for other reasons than HIV, but am just so afraid that it's all correlated.

Andy Velez:
When I say things fall apart, I mean severe symptoms. Extreme weight loss, weakness, and various serious physical problems.


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