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pretty sure i have it...

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First, I apologize for coming back Ann... please don't suspend me, I am really trying to stay sane here.

A littl eover 5 weeks ago I had a "no risk exposure" which was mutual masturbation.  However I believe some of his semen may have gotten into me and infected me. 

About 4 weeks after the event the lymph node on the right of my neck flared up.  Next, one on my leg, then two in my groin.  Now its two more in my groin and two on the other side of my neck.  They arent flaring up because i'm touching them, I feel a little burning sensation in them and I feel it and there it is a HUGE lymph node.  It seems like a new one flares up everyday. 

I also have had four mouth chancres in the last 2 weeks, two of which went away, one was painless, and the other two are still there. 

Yesterday I could not take it ant longer so I went to Walgreens and got one of those Home Access tests.  Those results should be back by Wednesday and I will keep you guys posted. 

I know you all said that this exposure was no risk, however, on several other sites i've read that it is a risk, and I just may be the unlucky one...

I was actually kind of hoping that the nodes could be swelling because of another STI, however, I have no symptoms of the others, only HIV... I am so scared guys, keep me in your prayers.

Make sure you test for those other STI's in periodic and routine tests for all those who are sexually active.  Its the responsible thing to do.

You still don't have HIV.  I'd offer to pray for you as per your request, but since you can't get HIV from what you've described, I'll give those prayers to those who actually need it....maybe two seconds I offer you to get over your FEAR of HIV instead.


I am sorry you feel the way you do. It is unwarranted, unfounded, and not in keeping with HIV transmission vectors.

You do not, cannot get HIV through mutual masturbation. I urge you to re-read the lesson on transmission as often as you require in order to comprehend and accept that.

The unlucky one? Sir, if you get infected through mutual masturbation you will be a very lucky man indeed. Free health care and serious scientific scrutiny being two of the advantages for redefining the HIV pandemic are two advantages which come to mind.

i'm also in the paranoia stage.

but right now i feel horrible. i've had the worse cold ever for the past month or so... not to mention perpetual dehydration; my skin shrivels in a few seconds under exposure to water even though I've been drinking 3 L of water (not counting water from food intake) for the past few days.

golly... i wish this isn't it, that it's just my paranoia.

tachyon, please keep all your thoughts and questions in your on thread, don't hijack others.


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